About Us

About Us

We are a vibrant young team located in the prime location of Ahmedabad. Everyday work is fun, casual,

and relaxed. Above all, we are passionate about creating a habit of giving back among to the society at

the same time help organizations to build initiatives to take personal care of their employees health. We

celebrate and seek out diversity of opinion in our team, we’re open to bold and disruptive ideas, and

acknowledge and appreciate each other. We always strive for excellence and for the best solution,

which is ultimately determined by the customers‐ needs.


Abhed Dekavadiya


Abhed is a regular full and half marathon runner, which simply shows his passion for fitness and health.

An entrepreneur by heart, he started HealthWel to help people to come out of those obvious excuses to be regular

in health activities. Abhed strongly believes in benefits of regular health activities and HealthWel team

continuously work with individuals in identifying resistance in regular health activities and provide solutions

through the HealthWel platform.

Avakash Dekavadiya

Product Evangelist

Avakash Dekavadiya is the Product Evangelist for Healthwel and stands at the forefront of the fastest moving

technology industry trend: m-health services. He has spent considerable time in evangelizing an industry-wide shift

to the mobile healthcare. Avakash is recognized for designing, landing and leading all the marketing and sales

strategies at Healthwel, overseeing the consumer and field marketing activities, advertising and PR.

AIMDek Technologies Private Limited

Technology Partner

AIMDek Technologies Private Limited is technology partner for HealthWel and has built the platform. Their

team has been able to take the HealthWel’s concept from inception phase to a working product by providing

end to end services at all phases of the development.