How It Works

How It Works

Step:1 Connect with your fitness Partners

Download Healthwel application from App­store. You can start using the application without any sign-up. For personalized and enhanced features you can sign up with one of the many options available.

Now you can connect with your fitness buddies. You can add your existing healthwel user friends from the contact list and facebook friend list. you can also invite them to be a part of your fitness group.

You can raise challenges within your group and invite your fitness partners to take up the challenge.

Step:2 Start exercising

We offer you various fitness activities like walking, running, cycling and various sports. Chose

one of the activities and Start exercising. It will track your every movement during the exercise.

Now you want to know how many calories you burned? You can monitor your calorie burn in the live task. Don’t forget to click a selfie and show it off to your buddies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

You can create a challenge as a group. Decide the challenge criteria and get your friends to accept the challenge. Fulfill the criteria of the challenge as a team and get rewarded for your combined efforts.