Nothing can replace the Aroma of the first rain. After the scorching wrath of summer’s
sun, the monsoon brings us the heavenly cold breezes. It also comes with a red flag for our
healths. There are some really effective and easy tips for the happy and healthy monsoon.

1. Suit-up for the monsoon

Always carry your monsoon gears to protect yourself from a sudden downpour. Don’t
judge the rain by the sky, it can change any moment. If you are riding on bike or
scooter, always use a raincoat.

2. Say No to street Food

Who doesn't like fried food in monsoon, but beware. Avoid street food, the oil is not
changed. The rain waters mix with it sometimes which contains impure salts
Also, avoid other roadside beverages, they can be contaminated by impure rainwater.
Drink mineral water only.

3. Keep an eye on mosquitos

Monsoon provides a perfect ecosystem for mosquitoes mainly because of many stagnant
glasses of water. Check the possible places at your home which can contain static water such as
cooler, flower pots, aquarium. Use disinfectant.
Use mosquito repellents if necessary

4. Don’t Scratch

Avoid touching your face or another body part after touching any surface or after getting
wet in rain. Your hands may contain microbes which can enter through nose, body, and

5. Drink Herbal tea

.Herbal teas have antibacterial properties. It includes ginger, pepper, honey, mint,
basil leaves. They help you improve your immune system and help you fight germs
and bacteria